About the work of Gagik Parsamian is no way to tell in a few words. Of course, you can limit yourself to calculate his creative accomplishments measured by the multiplicity of exhibitions and favorable reviews. The artist, however, is unique and only in an exceptional way you can give him a bit of truth. Gagik Parsamian belongs to those few who take life and work as a whole. In the paintings of Gagik reflects his whole soul. He is authentic. This is what he provides to the recipient, is a massive dose of beauty, goodness and love. You wants to trust him.
Gagik Parsamian, apart from images painted on canvas, creating one big, vivid image, is his garden. Anyone who even once had the opportunity to visit Gagik and to enter to the garden, he met the most beautiful of his works. Once I called this place “Little Armenia”. Gagik, although for many years living in Poland and became one of us acts as the spiritual ambassador of Armenia. Thanks to him and through him we get to know the charm of a distant and mysterious land.
Gagik has inexhaustible energy. Try asking him Where do you get strength to remain in continuous work? He just smile and point at the flowers. It was his love, inspiration, and at the same time rest. Talking with them, he cares about them, and they return the favor to him extraordinary beauty. That’s the beauty and magic garden, Gagik fixed in pictures, so that each of his flowers is gaining immortality. Even a person who does not know Gagik and only accidentally visit the gallery on St. Mary street goes out of there transformed. It is enough for a while to figure at this point to take intravenous dose of life-giving energy.
Images of Gagik cure and there is no exaggeration in this statement. With great joy I welcome all the news about the preparations for the next exhibition of Gagik. Personally, I desire that his work was widely known. I would like to Gagik had around his growing circle of friends. Gagik is priceless, exotic flower that twist of fate rooted in the Pomeranian ground. His presence among us, a great gift, and at the same time commitment. So little artists have the courage, like him, to proclaim the praise of life, show the world the beauty and love of people.
May never ran out him strength.

Małgorzata Dagny-Sikorska